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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  January 29, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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at one point?
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tag time. earlier, we revealed the new apprentice cast. are you more excited about this year's new crop or more excited to see arnold as donald's replacement? kit? >> i think more people are more excited to see arnold, what he's
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alex says i can't wait to see how arnold says "you're fi-ahd." so excited for kyle richards. she will definitely win said anthony. meriam, look forward to see what kind of mischief they all get into with the terminator. >> maybe his dismissal line will be "i'll be back but you won't." >> kathy, not happy at all. she said i'm not watching it, period. >> okay, suit yourself. >> stay connected and join the conversation at access hollywood ioners at the mercy of mother nature. how fog ruined plans for these cruisegore its out of tampa. >> watching fox 13 and 11:00 news starts now. >> chris: it came down to this in a iowa. the republican presidential candidates facing off in their final televised debate before the iowa caucus next week, a
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try to swing voters and do it without donald trump present. our political editor joy lanes us live from the mollen. >> reporter: he could . >> reporter: he could lose a couple points, his supporters are locked in for him. there was an opportunity for ted cruz to break through but it didn't happen for a couple reasons. ted cruz was prepared and given a soft ball over the plate, asked to scold donald trump for not being here but his come back triggered some blues in the
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>> the last four questions have been pleased attack ted, martha coakley tak said it, jeb please attack ted. >> it is a debate. >> it debate is a policy issue. i will say this. if you ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: some applause mixed in as well. pulte ted cruz canada and other candidates were prepared with quips about donald trump but because a lot of people were expecting it or because it was kerri easy and they kept coming back to the same come back it was not as effective and not as effective tonight for ted cruz going after the moderators as it was in previous debates perhaps in part because he had gone there once before. bottom-line some damage perhaps conflict on donald trump but i
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probably to the state of iowa and not enough for significant movement in the polls. >> chris: we cracked a lot of substance from some of the canddates. are you prepared to declare a winner for tonight's debate? >> reporter: i am prepared to declare a candidate who did better than we have seen in the past and that is jeb bush. without donald trump on stage he was able to deflect some attacks against him and able to focus on issues, particularly he called for a more welcoming tone of those seeking to come here. he was at one point, when he did deflect questions he did so, a question about wounded veterans charities which is interesting given the fund-raiser a crosstown for wounded veterans the deflected it to specifically problems at the va which is a hot-button issue in the republican ranks. we saw a slow gradual quiet emergence of jeb bush throughout his debate and it is interesting
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have been like without donald trump all along because jeb bush was able to rise from the rest of the pack of little more. he did not hit a grand slam but we saw him stronger, former governor jeb bush that we have seen in prior debate and that could help little bit. not so much in iowa but perhaps new hampshire. >> chris: you are an hour behind on central time so rest of. >> reporter: i will, thank you. >> chris: donald trump angry about his feud over fox news, megyn kelly the moderator again, donald trump held his own event at the same time as the debate and a few miles away from it and as promised the front runner turned the rally into a fund raiser for veterans and already raised millions of dollars and that includes the $1 million he is donating from his bank account.
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money will benefit the country. >> i don't feel good about turning down money because my whole life, greedy, a grab all the money i could get, i am so greedy but now i want to be greedy for the united states, grab all that money. greedy for the united states. ibly3 thousands of people turned up for the rally including two of trump's opponents, mike huckabee and rick santorum. on democratic side there appears to be an agreement among the candidates to add more debate to their schedule. hillary clinton said she would not debate bernie sanders in new hampshire but she did not specify whether she would commit to three more debates sanders is calling for. clinton, sanders and martin o'malley won't face off again until february 11th. stay with fox 13 for any political developments. craig patrick spending will begin iowa tracking the candidates, he will bring us live coverage and it live
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he will bring us live coverage and it live edition of money power politics that a night. a second chance for medical marijuana. the group has enough certified signatures to get the issue on the upcoming ballot in november. we have been following this story since 2014 and joins us live in the control room with more. >> un our viewers think back to 2014. medicalyou and our viewers think back to 2014. medical marijuana got more yes votes that rick scott but if pack fell short of the 60% needed to pass. in 2016 the time is right. >> don't let it come. stop it. >> reporter: medical marijuana may be a matter of life or death for her son brandon. for him seizures like this one are a daily occurrence.
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that could be your child. that could be your loved one. imagine if it was, what would you do? >> reporter: what she has done is fine. he became an outspoken voice for medical marijuana in florida confounding a group of moms. >> we came together to fight for our children but not just hours, everyone else's children and all those in need of this medicine. >> reporter: she is confident 2016 is the year florida will blowing 20 other join 20 other states that allow medicinal cannabis. in 2014 it came up less than 3% shy of the needed 60% has been received more votes than either candidate for governor. >> for the money i am putting into this if this happens my return on philanthropic
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anything like it in my life. millions of people for the rest of my life, it is important because i have seen it, i know it works. >> it is going to take compassion and an open mind and heart because people are suffering. >> reporter: people like her son brandon. are suffering. are suffering. i won't let down my son. >> reporter: we've reached out to some who oppose the measure, pam bondi said the proposed constitutional amendment is in the hands of florida voters. we encourage each voter to read the full dimension carefully. as for the florida sheriff's association has no opinion at this time but plans to discuss the amendment at its winter conference next week. we will stay on top of it.
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the porche of tampa is open after sea fog closed it down for the entire day. the carnival paradise was one of the cruise ships unable to dock because of the fog. live at the port, where is the ship now and where is the fog? >> reporter: right now the fog had lifted and the boat as you can see, carnival paradise is right behind me. 9:42 carnival paradise dr. here ocked here at porche number 3 at the port of tampa bay. most oft number 3 at the port of tampa bay. most of the passengers have different barked -- disembarked. this was as they waited on the other side of the sky way to come back in. they were supposed to be back at
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get back until 9:30 tonight, 13 hour delay forcing carnival to delay the sailing tomorrow meaning new passengers will have to spend the night in tampa in their hotel rooms. this cruise tomorrow will not make any stops. is going to be a cruise to nowhere but also a day shorter. >> they treated as good the whole time. we couldn't ask for a better time. >> no one can predict the weather. we are disappointed but what can we do? it. >> reporter: passengers will be offered a 50% refund on this cruise and a future trip at half price. the boat is going to be boarding tomorrow at noon and will set sail for the, quote, cruise to nowhere at 4:00 and there were a dozen other boats in the area that had to be delayed because
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allowed back in port. ibly3 week -->> chris: we are glad to have them. thanks.>> chris: we are glad to have them. thanks. knew tonight saying the police went your help identifying a man who set fire to this as you the on fifteenth avenue north, he was wearing a purple jacket and carrying a keyboard. police say he plays an accelerant inside the gas tank. it caused this small fire in the back of the vehicle and it did cause damage. anything about this case or you think you know who that man was you can call a st. pete police department who will take your information. developing tonight investigators are trumpeting how well and amber alert worked to locate missing mother and her two children. police believe those kids were in danger. utility workers south of the georgia state line got the alert
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mom's car and called daddies leading to the safe recovery of gigi urlich-woodard and her children, 5-year-old dorian sandhu and 4-year-old frederick sandhu. police station to close kids from her parents with legal custody. the mom doesn't have custody with the family had not been heard from for hours and the mom made threatening statements according to police. this case was textbook in how it was supposed to end. >> we put out the amber alert. people found out about these missing kids and it worked. we were able to locate them. >> reporter: charges for abducting her children are pending. coming up a reminder that it doesn't matter your age or your size, anyone can make a difference. >> making a huge impact for us today. also showing us that our country, our community, we have great leaders. >> reporter: a lot of praise from the sheriff for this 8-year-old girl.
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business into big money for the department but first a space shuttle tragedy 30 years later. hard to believe. you will see how the family of one of the challenger victims describes the disastrous day. >> we are itching for a weather change and it is coming behind the cold front that comes through tonight. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says...
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>> we mourn seven heroes, michael smith, at dick scobee, judy resnik, ronald mcnair, ellison onizuka, gregory jarvis and christa mcauliffe. >> president ronald reagan 30 years ago tonight, he was supposed to deliver his state of the union address the six hours earlier something tragic happened in florida and the nation needed comfort. today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded killing six astronauts hampshire, christa mcauliffe was going to be the first civilian and first teacher in space. challenger was going to deliver tracking and data satellite to orbit with 73 seconds after takeoff from cape canaveral a rocket failed and challenger broke apart in front of a confused crowd of onlookers that included the astronauts's families.
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spoke to was earlier today. >> that was a tough day even though it was 30 years ago it seems like it just happened, fresh in our memories. i would say anybody who has lost somebody knows what it is likely ours was just very public and we shared it with the nation. >> reporter: nasa determined cold weather combined with a design flaw in one of the rocket boosters caused the challenger explosion that led to changes not only in engineers design for future missions but also within nasa's culture. >> our dogs will be safer because of you. the community will be safer because of you. >> chris: that is the sheriff thanking an 8-year-old, sophia. most kids are bidding with video games or homework, she held for lake heroes. she turned her lemonade stand into a fund-raiser for the sheriff's department's k-9s, she race $2,400. that is a lot of lemonade.
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kevlar vests, bulletproof vests for those k-9s. >> a huge impact for us today but also showing the s our country, our community has great leaders for the future. >> the need is absolutely great because our k-9 unit is expanding. everyday there is a dangerous situation out there and we need to hunt people down. >> i am excited i am raising money for something i care about. >> reporter: each of these bulletproof vests like they are for deputies, the money sophia race is enough to buy three of them. those tests are expensive, $2,400 buys three of them. taxpayers of pasco county should be thanking her as well because the money has to come from somewhere. >> they should name one of those odds sophia. >> chris: they are probably used to responding to something else
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>> changes on the way, clouds and rain for two days in a row. >> chris: will the sunshine come back? >> looks good tomorrow and for weekend. that is the view outside. that is not good at all. we put this into motion and it stays this way for most of the day. once in awhile the overcast lifted up a little bit. that is the view and this is something you would see in seattle in march, low clouds and rain coming, is a stock front, moisture riding along the front. late in the date we have hints of sunshine, a break in the overcast but now all we have left is showers moving towards sarasota and fort myers. could rain again in fort myers and they had for the month almost a foot of racine, by far
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january record in fort myers, the rain in orlando coming to an end. that is it for this go around. the cold front squeezes by, the forecast is pretty straight forward. the dry air is over us. when i came back from my dinner break i saw breaks in the overcast, the dry air will sweep and on the backside. the jet stream will stay in play, the last simples going by tonight. once that goes by the door is open for clear skies but don't forget during an el nino year it is tough to get more than a day or two of completely sunny skies, clouds and a come back sunday and monday. another cold front arrives wednesday. temperatures around this date, 40s western panhandle, 50s and 60s in the bay area, dew points
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coming our we later tonight and tomorrow, sunshine, breezy and cool as we stay in the 60s, winds picking up on the backside of the front, 8 miles an hour in tampa, 12 miles an hour in sarasota, winds nw, air 59. cold front moves away, besides that the southeast is pretty quiet as high pressure dominates, lake effect snow in the northeast, chicago 30, bristol 27, raleigh 39, nashville 46. future cast as the rain gone, sunshine tomorrow, looks good saturday with more sunshine and light wind. by sunday and monday as winds turnaround the front, the high, we will see clouds returning as warm air tries to come back, a few showers on monday. dry air moves in. if you are thinking, the
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sunshine throughout the day, winds should be like, a cool day especially on water, 53 at 9:00 a.m.. temperatures in the mid 60s. forecast tonight simple, clear and cooler, down to 50, sunshine will dominate the sky tomorrow, breezy and cool, mid 60s. saturday sunny and the legal, 69, rain chances on the seven day a little bit on monday as moisture returns on the backside of the high and we could see more significant rain wednesday with a cold front turning dramatically colder thursday and friday. >> chris: invasion time saturday. invasions are easier to accept when you know they are coming and there is a big party afterward.
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major makeoverer (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental) at nearly 57 years old... barbie is getting a makeover. original doll... >> chris: 57 years old barbie is
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to your left is the original barbie doll introduced in 1959 and to your right is the new kirby barbie doll, one of 33 models on the market. mattel says it has been looking for ways to revive sales after they fell 4% last quarter. they held these more diverse strait the answer. barbie will be sold with two new body types and will also be available in seven different skin types, 22 iconic as. explained that, how you can have stiles. the company is hoping more kids will relate to the new dolls. >> the reaction is overwhelmingly positive. we are not 1-size-fits-all country or world.
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barbie is not the only to avoid becoming more attuned to the times, lego is introducing new characters in response to an online campaign. this summer lego will release its first wheelchair figure. the tool was spotted at the toy fair this week, nuremberg toy fair. it comes after a group called cool it like me collected 20,000 signatures urging companies to create toys that represent kids with disabilities. june. here we are, the love story of 1978 america fell in love with and now greece is coming to fox as a live musical movie. with less than three days until the show imagine the cast and crew are pretty busy. >> there are a lot of rehearsals
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for sunday's three our live show on fox and the stars say this production is in electrifying. >> there is hit after hit after hit and the second thing is it is a universal story that is relevant to today. it is about people trying to find themselves and where they fit in. >> introducing everybody to the next generation, introducing to generations more seasoned that had grown up with it. the format we are doing essentially reviving the show is incredible and we are honored to be part of that. >> the music is fantastic and every one is a sucker for a good girl gone bad and that is what the story is about. >> reporter: the only breaks for this group will be during commercials as the cast make a
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>> three minutes and 15 seconds
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